trait burst of power

after crafting the burst of power trait on my artifact and using it in battle it really seems to me like it doesnt work at all, it even feels like i trigger less than i should with just my cast on hit gems. i cant cast spells with that creature direktly though like the trait says.
anyway its got 6 spell gems equipped (5 of which already have cast on hit chance 10%,11%,12%,13% and 15%, which alone should be a 48% chance to trigger at least one of those spells on attack) which with the trait should be 86% (rounded down) chance to trigger at least 1 spell on attack.
after it felt like it didnt work i started taking notes: as of now i have 73 noted attacks 13 of which did trigger at least 1 spell and 60 which didnt trigger anything.
i didnt count any hits that killed the last creature either.
so while im well aware about variance this already is a little strange with 48% trigger chance but it really seems like thats not the 86% to trigger i should have.
ill update this when i got some more attacks noted (like at 200 at least i guess) and hope you can look into this.
(v 0.1.4)