Trait Description for Omnipotent Diety

The trait description for Omnipotent Diety doesn’t seem to match the behavior.

The trait seems to give each creature an amount of health equal to the sum of the health of creatures on the team.

However, the trait description uses the word “share” which makes it seem like the health pools are somehow linked. This doesn’t seem to be the case.

Please either clarify the description or change the trait implementation. (I am not sure which is wrong, but they don’t seem to line up)

they have been linked in my experience

Can you describe the behavior that you see?

My experience has when fighting Omnipotent Deity has been the following. First, I need to deal a very large amount of damage to one creature to kill it. After it dies, there are other creatures still at full health who seen to have a separate copy of the large health bar.

Usually they share most of their hp, they are defintly not at full health if you damage one. Dunno exactly what hp is NOT shared though, maybe its gene-based, hence it gets worse the deeper you go?

At the start of battle, your creatures all gain each others’ health. From then on, your creatures will take double damage. There’s no linking for this trait or anything.

The 0.6.0 change makes this more clear to me. Thanks.

my experience with the trait was, I would deal a large amount of damage to one creature and the enemy team would die.

my extracting team was actually based on this trait: anomaly and sadism (10% current health to all enemies) would put all enemies at heavily wounded on the first turn without killing them.

I was thinking about anomaly, not omnipotent deity. My mistake.