Trait "Kindling" and Pyromancer perk "Firestarter" interaction

Kindling (Flamehook Pilwiz/Flamehook Sickle) After an enemy is afflicted with Bleeding or Burning, this creature afflicts them with whichever of these debuffs the target doesn’t already have.

Firestarter Enemies always have burning.

Is “Kindling” suppose to activate at the start of battle since “Firestarter” makes enemies always have burning. Or is this initial act of starting with burning not considered to be “afflicted” to them.

As it is now, Kindling does not activate.

The start-of-battle phase is for applying start-of-battle effects only. Actions don’t trigger during that setup phase. If they could, it would theoretically be possible to create scenarios where battle ends before any turns are actually taken. I believe this is intended interaction. I suspect if you were to cast a Mass Dispel or Divinity in combat, which would force the game to reapply the burn, the bleed would trigger. Have you tested this?

EDIT: Looking at the Codex under Game Information > Combat > Start of Battle Effects confirms this. The debuff is being applied before the “Battle Starts” part of the phase, preventing the Kindling ability from triggering.

I have not been able to get Kindling to work during any of the phases of combat. It seems that “always having burning” does not allow burning to ever be “afflicted”. Casting Dispel or removing the debuff does remove the debuff and procs effects such as the trait “Snuff” but does not activate Kindling when it is reapplied.

That’s interesting. By design it doesn’t work in the startup phase, but not working elsewhere is strange. Especially since the debuff can clearly be removed and reapplied. I guess the “always has” coding is specifically different from an apply. Odd.