Trait Perk Combo does not work in 0.9 what changed?

I have done a search in the patch notes to changes to the below Monster Traits and Tribalist Perk and have found no changes what am I missing or is this a bug?

Iron Golem fused with Clawing Cockatrice.

Self-Awareness: Your Golems share their innate traits with each other.
Outcast No Longer: At the start of battle, the races of the last 3 creatures in your party are changed to that of the first creature in your party.

With the above monster and Specialization Tribalist with Perk: We Are Pack
This combo made my monsters Golems. This allowed sharing all their innate traits with each other. Worked fine until I recently opted into the beta.

Traits are now shared before race/class changes.

CHANGE: Changed the order of some start-of-battle effects: traits are now granted first, and then classes/races are changed. Previously, it worked in the opposite order. This turned out to cause major balance issues. The Codex has also been updated to reflect this change more clearly.

Thank you missed the comprehension of what that entailed.

Mmmm will do some testing but wouldn’t that make We Are Pack do nothing? Or is it just for the stat bonuses now? Don’t think it would work based on order change.
That also means the Monster Trait Outcast No Longer does nothing.
What about morph spells?
I maybe doing the order of operation wrong but that means unless all your monsters are the same class and race half the Tribalist Specialization Perks would not work for any that started different.

We Are Pack and Outcast No Longer still change the races of party members, it just happens after traits are granted. They will no longer be able to be used to change race prior to trait sharing.

However, that doesn’t mean they do nothing. Effects that key off the party members being a certain race will still activate. Lots of the “Master Of…” traits require your party be all of one race to receive the bonuses - We Are Pack and Outcast No Longer can still work to make those active, as long as it’s not a trait sharing one.

Trait sharing in particular seems to have been targeted for a balance adjustment here.

Mulled it over figured it out. Not surprising. Even Regalis trait was changed. Believe you are correct.

Traits that are on Nether Stones don’t show up when you Inspect in battle any more I hope they still work.

I haven’t been able to really tell, but does the order change affect stat gains from Master of Kolosses or Giants? Both of these increase creatures health by a certain amount depending on how many of the race are in battle (current + max by 20% per Koloss, & I believe 30% per giant?) but I’m wondering if the Cockatrice changes the races before these are calculated still.

Traits that use the word “have” will affect your team regardless - the things that were changed were, specifically, start-of-battle effects. So the Sphinx trait that boosts stats based on class is still very, very viable.

YEAH was just about to do that!