Traits 'Sluuurp!' and 'Toxic Cloud' not applying debuffs

Platform: iOS

This is the party I brought to the GOTG fight with Gonfurian:

The idea is to debuff the enemy team in the following way. Suspected unintended behaviour in bold:

  • Trait ‘Stricken’ debuffs all enemies correctly.
  • Trait ‘Barbearian’ triggers, crature provokes.
  • This triggers the creature’s relic, it is attacked once by each enemy.
    - Trait ‘Toxic Cloud’ should likely trigger at this time, but does not.
  • Valkyrie Scout’s trait ‘Fight or Flight’ triggers, along with the creatures adjacent to it (due to Regalis’ Brothel trait).
    - The attacks should trigger ‘Sluuurp!’ a couple of times, but don’t.

The Battle Log does not mention either of the debuffing traits.

After some more testing, the culprit seems to have been Regalis’ slot. As soon as I switched her out with a fused Friden/Gorgon Trickster, everything seemed to work like a charm. I wonder what the problem was. Maybe too many attacks triggered by the shared ‚fight or flight’ trait?