Traits that shouldn't stack

v. 0.1.4

I just went into an Itherian Realm where enemies had +2 traits
Yup, it’s pretty much suicide with certain trait mixes.

Ran into a pack with Tremor traits and Vortex traits, multiple copies.

Can’t cast. Can’t attack. Guess I can do non-attack/non-spell damage, but wait, they have 70% reduction from Phase Warrior’s trait, too (at least that one doesn’t stack).

Tremor traits - same trait shouldn’t stack
Vortex traits - same trait shouldn’t stack

well they have independent chance to proc i think. i was myself thinking of getting 3-5 artifacts with simulacrum on my group, but then relaized im not too much in for defensive play :stuck_out_tongue:

They are independent, but once you get 3+ of them out there, it’s basically nil chance.