Transfer Saves?

Is there a way to sync saves between Steam and Android?

Alternate method:

[quote=“Kejal, post:16, topic:450”]I used Folder Sync and an Owncloud server(though any cloud storage supported by Folder Sync would work).

Short version:

  • have rooted devices
  • have cloud storage
  • setup folder pair in Folder Sync
  • sync files
  • adjust permissions (synced files belong to root)[/quote]

Here is some more information about directories:

It’s also worth noting that the feature I’m working on right now will enable cross-platform cloud saving, so that will make it pretty easy to play the same save files on multiple devices.

Awesome. Thanks for the replies.
I do in fact have a rooted device, so I think I’ll buy the steam version and try this… :slight_smile:

At Zack: Oooh, cloud saving. Something like syncing to dropbox?

Yes. When you start the game, you’ll be given a 12-digit “Cloud ID”. When you import/export save files to the cloud, the file will be associated with that Cloud ID. You can change your Cloud ID on other devices so that they all share the same pool of save files.