Transmutation is OP

When you have all of the transmutation upgrades, the system seems to work as:
– Transmutating 5 or 6 of the same Rare material will probably get you a random Legendary.
– Transmutating 2 of the same Legendary will probably get you 3 random Legendaries.
– If you don’t have 5 of any Rares, transmuting 2 of the same Rare will probably get you 3 random Rares.

So, you can make a profit whenever you have 2 of the same legendary, and the more legendaries you have, the more likely you’ll have 2 of the same…Eventually you can get quite an engine going.

It only took a few hours of collecting crystal and brimstone to get about half of the legendary crafting materials in the game. At this point, all I need to do to get another legendary crafting material is look through the list for something I already have 2 of and spend 2000 brimstone and crystal. I think I’m averaging a legendary crafting material every 2 random encounters or so.

I’d probably recommend doing some of:

  1. adjust payouts so that the player is losing materials on average, or only gaining them very slowly. (since it costs brimstone and crystal, it’s okay for there to be a slight average gain, but it shouldn’t be 2k crystal + brimstone turns 2 materials into 2.75 or whatever the average is now.)
  2. increase the number of rares it takes to make a legendary, and make it less certain.
  3. transmuting a legendary requires a short-to-medium length ritual, and produces exactly one random legendary, and you can only do one such transmutation at once.

This is absolutely true. If Major Sigils are intended to be the avenue towards legendary materials (or as rare drops from duties/power spells/chests), transmutation needs a hit with the nerf bat. I’ve got pages and pages of legendary materials almost exclusively from transmuting. The train only ever stops when I run out of crystal.

If that happens, though, I’d like to see an alternate use for excess materials. Perhaps we could forge them into Pills, or use them to increase the cap on an artifact’s stats. You could burn materials in reforging to ensure the stats don’t go down (so nothing happens instead of making your artifact worse).

right now im being flooded with legendaries from doing major sigils cause I have so many minors and its like 50% im getting a major and then what seems like 3/4 chance getting the monsters skill lol. Shame how easy it is to get legendary materials. Maybe we need a new tier… Mythical materials lol

This is mostly a side-effect of the previous loot system that was giving way too many items. I will probably keep an eye on how things pan out in the coming weeks after we’ve all invested a decent amount of time playing with the new system before making any more adjustments.