Treasure Golem event

  1. Bug (s)

  2. a) When fighting the Treasure Golem in the Chaos Realm, I inflicted it with the Weak, Calm and Scorn debuffs. On its next turn, it began attacking instead of trying to run away (despite having Calm).

b) After defeating the Treasure Golem in battle, one of the dropped treasure chests was onthe same square as the bottom right of one of the volcano-like formations in the Chaos Realm (i.e. looked like it was “inside” the volcano).

  1. Android

  2. Siralim 2.0.10

  3. As soon as it had Scorn, it no longer dropped resources upon being attacked. I assume that both that and not being able to run are resuots of losing its ability.

I don’t know how the treasure chests spawn but I think I saw five or six total. I was next to two walls and thought I’d mention it because I figured it’s possible some could have spawned inside the walls too.

Thanks, I’ll try to get this fixed.