Treasure Golem is a Jerk

  1. Bug

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  3. Chased the Treasure Golem into a corner and fought it. Upon contact, it teleported outside the level, then fought as usual. When combat ended, it spawned multiple chests outside the level, see screenshot below:

  1. Windows

  2. Siralim 2.0.19

  3. Some treasure chests did spawn inside the map, but temptation overwhelmed me before I could screenshot them too.

Well, at least you got the ressources.

Also, is that a Viper Occultist?

Yuh, I use him to kill Nethers. Handy stuff on the deep floors, don’tcha know.

That sure does look like a viper occultist to me. :slight_smile: Slap an unguided entity enchanted thing on that and have it Run amok.

S’what I’m doing. I liked your idea enough to use it myself. :wink:

Fixed for the next version, thanks!