Treasure Golem

Ok, we get it - Treasure Golems are Friends, NOT (Delicious looking, tantalizing, crunchy loot boxes) Food.

With that in mind, I would like to suggest a few changes to the Treasure Golem fight.

Change one - Forfeit/Run is replaced with Spare when engaging a Treasure Golem. Gives you the achieve WITHOUT costing the rest of the loot.

Change two - Almost each god has their own message for killing and sparing said Treasure Golem. Nice bit of flavor. Most of them are negative if you kill it, positive if you spare it.

Change two.A - Sparing a Treasure Golem impresses MOST of the Gods, granting, say, 200 favor with them. Except Torun, who mocks you, the Treasure Golem, your family, your entire lineage for not having the balls to loot the golem. Cuz Torun is a dick.

Change three - Upon sparing a Treasure Golem, it comes hangs out at Nex until you go into a realm dive again. Can give 4th-wall breaking dev messages about their thoughts on the weather, or local events. Or sneaky game tips. Ect.

Change four - Upon sparing a Treasure Golem enough, you get a spare Treasure Golem core. Just one though. Having a Treasure Golem in your group greatly increases resource gains from fights, so you no longer feel the need to kill the friendly golem.

oo you have to run from it to get the ach? and loose the loot, thats cruel