Trial of the Gods Feedback!

Currently in the Barrens. Observations so far:

  • This game desperately needs more customization, or at least have it earlier. I haven’t changed my deck in three hours and have seen no better options then the one I’ve currently got. Moreover, I haven’t unlocked any way to improve or fiddle with the cards I do have. Since the game heavily encourages playing cards in a certain order (start with a Resilient / non-Overkill card, follow up with Empower / Curse effects as you get into flip wars, finish with Reckless / Drain / Intimidate so they can have multiple targets), battles also feel very much the same.

  • The enemies have much better cards on average; their total points are usually 2-3 higher than anything you can get. This is beatable, but in the early game, where you don’t even have effects on all your cards and you’re still learning the game, it’s brutal. This also ties back into the first point that you have to climb this hill before you can get anything done in this game - you can’t try as another Mage class, look around for artifacts, level up your Mage, any of that. You just have to sweat it.

  • Kalasag is the best Godspawn so far by a country mile, both in stats and in having Resilient, which is the best ability in the game that I’ve seen. If you can only use one Godspawn during the campaign, I have no concept of why you’d use anything else.

  • A massive amount of cards want to be adjacent to other cards, but the flow of the card game means it’s tremendously difficult to be adjacent to two enemy cards at the same time. A reasonable player will want to wall away cards in his color, keeping them from being targeted by anything except Rampage or Thrash effects (which are rare). By the same token, Curse / Decay isn’t very effective because it’s one random point per turn, and that card is probably going to be buried in short order if you play effectively. The player can try to spread his cards out, but the fact the computer has higher average raw numbers means that it’ll come out on top almost all the time if it gets to choose what sides it can fight on. You have to wall off avenues of attack.

Consequently, consider effects that hop squares, like a knight from chess - that lets the player break the monotony of laying bricks. Cards that pull or push others would also be ideal, but I think the Graviton effect I saw in the patch notes might have something to do with that?


Concepts to throw at you:

  • A Side Deck, where you can pick cards that influence monsters on the field - you could theme them as artifacts or spell gems or what have you. Having more than six widgets to play with is an important part of Siralim culture, methinks.

  • Resources of some kind. They’ll probably unlock with the upgrade system, whenever I get to that, but having something there for the first playthrough will help snag new players in and prevent them from just putting down the thing through sheer boredom.

  • Try having different Realms bring different board shapes. For bonus points, have native monsters with point distributions that benefit from the new shape; for example, Harpies have great Up / Down totals, so a board with parallel gaps would let you park them right in between so that their weak Left / Right values are blocked off.


I like the basis of the game, but this is very much a work in progress, I feel. Keep chipping away at it!

Thanks for your feedback! We are planning to do a balance pass at some point in the near future, and there’s plenty of new content on the way as well.