Trial of the Gods: Playable Offline?


I snagged this game day one and spent some time alternately tinkering with my card setup and cussing out gods with T4 and T5 cards. It’s more interesting than I originally thought it would be.

Someone on the Steam forums mentioned needing the Steam servers to play. I thought this was ridiculous for a single player game (it never even crossed my mind to check) but just to be sure I turned Steam and launched the game, and sure enough in my next game my opponent never made a move and I had to back out of the game (which apparently counts as a loss).

Is this a bug, a fluke, or intended behavior? Because if you’re actually requiring online only for a single player game… you’ve lost my support for this project. It’s a ridiculous concept.

I’m hoping you’ll tell me this is a bug of some kind and that there will be a fix for it.

Yes, that would be a bug. Thanks for the report!

No problem! Just to clarify, by “turn steam off” I just mean exit steam so it isn’t running, then run the game from its home directory.