Trials of the Gods, Blog Post #1: Challenging the Gods

As the expansion’s name suggests, you’ll finally be able to do battle against each of the 15 gods. Tired of Torun screaming profanities at you? Sick of Erebyss’ melodramatic prattling? Appalled by Regalis’ blatant disregard for your virginity? Now you can kick their asses and get rewarded for it.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, you’ll need to complete a new construction ritual to unlock the Gate of the Gods - a massive new facility that you’ll find in your very own castle. When you approach this gate, you’ll be asked to forfeit a one-time-use key that can be crafted at the Nether Goblet. Each god has its own key, and the components required to craft each key vary from god to god. For example, to craft a Key to Surathli’s Domain, you’ll need to use 1 Surathli’s Claymore, several runes, a new item that can be found only in Nether Realms, and 50000 of each resource. Upon unlocking the gate, you’ll need to choose a “God Level” from 1 to 10 for the battle you wish to participate in, similar to how sigils scale. Then, you’ll be taken to that god’s respective realm where you can challenge them just like a story boss battle.

Each god has a unique battle mechanic, similar to story bosses, but they’ll be a bit more complex and more difficult. In addition, their allies are NOT decided at random - the gods are each accompanied by specific creatures to augment their battle mechanics and make them more difficult. Some gods are more difficult than others, and I think that’s completely fine - my goal is still to put fun first, balance second, and that’s how it’ll always be!

Succeed, and you’ll be rewarded with some pretty cool items - many of which are related to some new mechanics that I’ll discuss in another blog post later on. However, you’ll also receive a new type of item called Glimmer. Each god has its own type of glimmer, such as Glimmer of Surathli. The amount of glimmer you receive from each battle is based on the “God Level” as described above - the higher the level, the more glimmer you’ll receive. Collect 1000 Glimmer of Surathli and you’ll be able to craft a Tome of Surathli that can be used to transform your favorite Nether Creature into an Avatar of Surathli. How do these avatars work? You’ll have to wait until next time to find out!

Oh, and one more thing: each god has its own card. These cards drop more commonly than normal cards (who wants to beat the same exact fight 1000 times?), and they’re also much more powerful than you’d probably expect. For example, Zonte’s card increases your creatures’ spell slots by 1, and Regalis’ card extends your view distance by 1 tile in all realms. As for the rest, you’ll have to find them yourself to figure out what they do.

Next time, we’ll take a look at how exactly the Nether Creature to Avatar transformation works, along with a brand new battle mechanic related to these avatars.

Time to reactivate runes dropping ;D

Edit: or are these the runes you get from each god?

The runes will be from random drops, not the ones you can buy :slight_smile:

Wow! The amount of new content in this FREE expansion is really staggering. (I can’t imagine how long it will take to beat all 15 new boss fights on Difficulty level 10.)