Trials of the Gods, Blog Post #4: The Fortune Teller

In Trials of the Gods, you’ll be able to unlock a new facility in your castle called The Fortune Teller. Trapped within a mysterious orb is the soul of an ancient fortune teller named Elize. Elize’s main purpose is to provide the player with dynamically generated goals to fulfill.

Elize will give you 5 tasks to complete at a time, each of which are chosen at random. Let’s take a look at an example:

  1. Defeat the Ceaseless Gladiator. This boss will appear in all Nether Realm Depths that end in “7”.
  2. Defeat a level 7+ Primal Sigil of the Imler.
  3. Win a full set of Arena matches.
  4. Complete an Artifact Realm. (side note: Artifact Realms will only have 20 levels instead of 100 after this patch)
  5. Complete a Realm Quest at Nether Realm Depth 133+.

You can complete these tasks in any order you want, and you can even work on multiple tasks at the same time. After you’ve completed all 5 tasks, Elize will appear and offer you a reward. The reward will typically include spell gem crafting components (in fact, this is the primary way you’ll earn these components) along with some additional items. Then, Elize will give you a new set of tasks to complete.

As you might have noticed, the first task in the above example would be incredibly easy for some players to complete if they simply travel, for example, to realm depth 7 as opposed to 777. In this scenario, you wouldn’t receive as substantial of a reward if you decided to take the easy way out or if you try to “cheat the system”. Conversely, you’ll receive extra rewards if you challenge yourself and complete these tasks in the most difficult way possible.

The goal of the fortune teller is to give players a more defined direction to take when they play the game. Currently, the post-story content has a very “sandbox” feel to it, and the goal of the fortune teller is to provide players with constant direction long after they’ve completed the base game. The fortune teller should also breathe new life into some activities you might not otherwise partake in as often, such as the arena or artifact realms.

There will be dozens of various tasks you can be assigned, but you must complete all 5 tasks before receiving new ones. You cannot reset, abandon, or re-roll your tasks… unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to receive a special item from Elize later on.

As always, I’m curious to hear your thoughts!

I like it!

Are the tasks equal for everyone, or do they vary depending on your realm progress?

They’re based on your progress throughout the game. For example, if you haven’t reached realm depth 650 yet, the game won’t try to make you go there.

Is this the last blog? You didn’t tell us what the next one is going to be about :stuck_out_tongue:

The next one will be about creature customization (aesthetically). :slight_smile:

Hmm will the 20 levels have the same effect as the original 100 for artifacts?

Yes, your artifact will gain 5% quality per realm instead of 1%.

That’s actually whay I’m most curious about ;D

Given that the higher the level you complete, the better the reward…

How will this be done for artifact realms? Does this mean you need to keep a few at level 19 just in case you need to finish one for the fortune teller?

Or will it merely accept the highest level you complete after assigning the quest?

It could really screw your quest if it only takes the first level done, and you don’t have one at 19…

PS - how does the change to artifact realms change the achievements? I’ve completed up to 50, but it seems at present you need to complete 51 to get the level 50 achievment.

You just need to complete the final realm (20) in an artifact realm, so if you want to stock up on realm 19 artifacts, that’s an option.

Achievement requirements for artifact realms will be scaled down at the time the expansion is released.