Trickster - Nightstalker/Stratagem Synergy?


Is the Stratagem perk supposed to trigger on the invisibility your own monsters get at the start of battle? As it is now, it doesn’t seem to trigger as none of the enemy mobs are getting confused on battle start. I have both perks maxed out.

Edit: This is on version 0.1.5
Edit 2: Updated to 0.1.6, still same behaviour

Edit 3: Never mind it’s working as intended by not triggering Stratagem. I found the answer in Steam discussions.

“Start-of-battle effects don’t trigger actions like that. Technically, start of battle effects happen right before the battle actually begins. This is one of those things that will be made a lot more clear once the in-game guide is ready.”

Hope there’s a way to reset perk points. :smiley: