Triggered Spells Bug/Ambiguity

I asked this before in Discord and was told to use macros. I have and it absolutely does not work after tons, tons of testing (6 hours yesterday, 5 hours today)

I want my triggered spell to target an ally. I believe it was possible in 3 to do so, I have written multiple macros, tried multiple default settings, and tried multiple spells, but anything short of manual casting is completely and utterly unable to choose a target.

I will only include one example here because the full extent of my testing would be about 2 pages long. I have a spreadsheet of some notable interactions that I was attempting if it is desired

The use case I have been doing this to try and get to work is as follows:

I want to target an ally with the timewalk granted by lister, I have used many different creatures with spell triggers: including but not limited to, on rez, before death, start of battle.

While many creatures have a ‘at random’ disclaimer, some of the rarer ones including nix creeper (casts one of its spells 3 times before death) - should choose default target according to both it’s wording and what other people said when I originally asked. I set the default action to Macro, and set the macro to target my tanukrook with timewalk when it is greater than 0% health

My tanukrook is alive, and I use a different trigger effect to revive one of my other creatures, so there is no reason it should not be able to trigger the specific start of turn effect on tanukrook.

I understand that the “cast a spell at random” trigger on salamanders maybe shouldn’t be targetable, but in cases like these where it has no such disclaimer why is timewalk targeting ENEMIES 100% of the time. I believe that creature order was used to determine which ally was casted on in 3. If casting single target spells is now completely un-targetable I will be very disappointed because it completely removes an insane number of build combinations.