triggered spells mana cost

Ill make it short:
triggered spells should cost a portion of their original mana cost instead of being completely free. Thus no mana = no trigger spells. They are weaker than manually cast spells already so i would say something like 50% power and 25% mana cost would be fine by me. There could be some free trigger spell like the recently appeared spells with description “can not be cast manually but have a chance to trigger…” as those seems to be designed to be purely trigger spells. But overall i think majority of spells should cost some mane when triggered to make mana of some use to attackers

They should cost the full mana cost if you ask me.

No, full mana cost might make you waste mana that you wanted to use on another spell.
I agree with 25% mana cost.

I’d personally prefer to see the trigger-chance severly reduced and the number of spells that can carry certain modifiers (namely "at the start of battle) altered. Adding a mana-cost penalty would disencourage giving your creatures utility spells and I, for one, like having cute little spell gems that I only use in 1/100 battles.

Reducing the trigger chances would also have the benefit of making creatures that interact with certain trigger types more interesting and make getting a trigger feel more special - rather than as a given.

Making triggered spells cost mana would seriously imbalance the game.

It would take a major reworking to get things balanced at all when doing this. For example, most creaters probably would need to have 5-10x as much mana at the start…

How does one imbalance the unbalanced?

  • Ancient Zen-riddle.