Triggers/Animations need to start accelerating after a certain number

I have all battle speed up options turn on. I’ve noticed that when certain triggers start stacking, the battle grinds to a halt as they all process. Here’s the one I encountered most recently where I had to wait literal minutes for the snaptrap master’s snaptrap triggers to finish (also, it was really annoying to listen to) -

Other offenders:

  • Spell/Attack animations targeting dead creatures
  • Spell/Attacks > 3. I would argue that animations should speed up once 3 have played as the result of a single action
  • Stat increase/reduction (e.g. a creature with stat gain on ally death + grant stats to ally on stat gain + enemies lose stats on stat gain, and another creature with provoke kills the ally and grants their stats to allies)

EDIT: There seems to have been a patch today (Feb 16) that made some things faster