Triumvir bug - attacking 15 times per cast

Hello, my Triumvir is bugged.

Hell Knight. Opens the fight by Zonte casting Firestorm.

As seen in below log, this causes Triumvir to attack 15 trimes and cap out the damage counter of the enemy.

This happens consistently. There is only 1 cast being done.

It’s causing fights to bug out. Please help

Firestorm is probably being cast multiple times as well for whatever reason then. The relic will attack each time its bearer casts a spell.

Thanks for the answer. Firestorm is being cast only a single time, which is odd.

That’s the bug.

If if would work as intended, then I would have had to have cast 15 firestorm. That is 100% not the case.

Would you be able to look into it? it’s definitely not working as intended. there was only a single cast of Firestorm

Hello @Zack

For your convenience in investigating this issue, I’ve uploaded the save to cloud 111111111115, position 1

It’s a single Bard Baladeer with no additional traits.

It’s a bit hard to get the stuff just right to reproduce it (it happens consistently with my team)

But I would suggest to load the save position 1, go to floor 300 ish? and run into a battle. Either you die or win, but the battle history will show it attacking more than it casts

Then I would recommend loading save position 2, and go in the lowest level available and get into a random battle and see how it becomes much, much worse with my full party.

Yes there is a corpse explosion going on, but the 15 attacks happen before the corpse explosion.

Please I hope you are not dismissing my bug report as “it can’t happen” because by definition, bugs are things we don’t intend to happen.

But please take a look at 111111111115 and you’ll see that there is a bug going on.


I’ll take a look when I get a chance and try to let you know why it’s doing this, but for now I can confirm that triumvir is definitely not bugged.


Well that’s the thing with bugs. We just don’t know that they’re there.

Would really appreciate you taking this more seriously. I have several decades of experience in QA, and I’ve tested this for hours yesterday. It’s breaking the way my build works.

Just try it. Then take the relic off and go battle again. You’ll see

I absolutely 1000% guarantee you that 1 cast of firestorm leads to Triumvir attacking 15 times

Then take it off and battle again. You’ll still see the 1 cast of Firestorm.

I gave you a very easy way to reproduce the issue, and it’s very obvious to see something is wrong

As I said, I’ll take a look soon. My last post simply said that Triumvir isn’t the problem. That’s not to say something else isn’t broken, but I’ll have to take a look first. Thank you for the information and save files.

In your first save file, Triumvir attacks twice which is correct since the first attack is from Firestorm, and the one after that is because you have a perk that grants +1 attacks.

In your second save file, no creature has Triumvir equipped but I assume it should be equipped to Zonte. What’s happening there is Corpse Explosion is being cast multiple times (due to one of Zonte’s traits) because you’re killing enemies at the start of battle. No targets are available, so you don’t see any damage in the log, but the spell itself is still being cast which triggers the attacks.

Hello @Zack

Sorry about that. I realized later on that the entire turn is decided when you press the button - but not everything showed up on the battle log. So it looks like indeed I was casting way more than 15 spells, even tho the battle log wasn’t showing it