Troll King

So I just got this guy not long ago, and wanted to talk about him. Despite my previous…problems with Rage as a buff, I kind of wanted to make some use of him simply because he looks awesome. Seriously, that combat art for the guy is nifty. His ability for the uninitiated:

Hotspur: After provoking, all of your creatures gain Rage.

Now, Rage is a dodgy buff to begin with. It can give a lot of damage, but the miss chance is annoying and potentially worse than the damage buff. That’s actually fine, though, since it fits well with the trolls’ theme of being unreliable, but very powerful when things fall into place or the RNG favors you.

My problem with him is that Hotspur doesn’t feel like an ability that should be attached to a tank. For one thing, it does nothing to improve his actual defense or tanking ability, so nearly any other creature with an ability that triggers off of provoke or when hit will do better at the job than he will. For another, generating Rage every turn with a provoke is not always useful if/when your primary attacker(s) whiffed and still retained the Rage buff in the following round. It feels like he should be able to stop and take a swing or something to burn his own Rage when he doesn’t need to refresh it, but if he’s your only tank you don’t want him doing anything but provoking every round or your squishies go kaboom. These flaws are already on top of the fact that Rage itself is a flawed buff already, I don’t think he needs those additional weaknesses. Not to mention, by the time you unlock him you’ll already be drowning in both great tanks and several options for attack steroids. It makes him a hard sell.

My suggestion: Have Hotspur trigger on defend instead of provoke. That way he can play a support role, and synergize better with his own ability.

I get what you’re saying, but the flavor of the Troll King giving everyone rage by jeering relentlessly at them is too strong to give up.

I realized that is only on provoke, but if he also defended before he provoked, pandemonium blood would be an ability to add to him. It reduces enemy defense and gives it to him as attack. Very potent. If the blood ability worked off of provoking as well, it’d be perfect.

To be fair, the king is inflicting rage on his -allies-, not enemies, so I could see defend working better than provoke anyway. (Although inflicting rage on an enemy team via provoke would be hilarious.)

I dunno. I still feel that this guy needs something. If not a change to Hotspur, perhaps a buff to Rage itself, since that miss chance is really stifling. I suppose you could make him work as a “support” alongside a tank with taunt, like a Stronghold or Minotaur Behemoth, but it still feels incredibly awkward.