Troll Team, GO!

Hello citizens of Siralim!

I figured it was about time I posted here. I’ve been playing Siralim for about a month now, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. I’m up around level 60 now, with a team that’s getting closer and closer to my dream team. I’m the kind of player that will almost definitely end up building 2 or 3 full combo teams, just for gits and shiggles (any kind of shenanigans are a plus in my books!)

I plan to compile and post info, strategies, and whatnot when I get some more experience with the game and try out different interactions with skills and enchantments. I’m not too close to getting there yet, but when I have some full powerhouse teams I’ll post my builds and see what everyone thinks!

Cheers and see you all around!


Welcome Ysrgrim! I look forward to seeing you around here more often :slight_smile: Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game!

Thanks for the welcome, Zack! :slight_smile:

I love games that have complex ability systems and interactions, and with the massive amount of customization, strategies, counters, enchantments etc Siralim has, it’s like a gamer’s gold mine. I get giddy thinking about my future team and artifact combos. And I still haven’t even discovered a good part of the game content!

As an up-and-coming programmer, you inspire me. Keep up the awesome work!

Welcome to the forums! Can’t wait to see the teams you create. It’s always interesting to see how others play this game, since there are so many ways to do so!

I expect great competition out of you. Weirdest team possible, GO.

Oh, and, uh, hi and all somesuch.

And I sincerely hope I can compete! :wink:

So far I’m finding Troll Arsonists and Raven Acolytes a pretty deadly combo, especially when paired with some of the legendary enchantments.

Cool factoid: with very rare exceptions, every legendary enchantment is a duplication of another creature’s ability. The Pandemonium enchantments arguably still are, but only drop from random permutations of the Pandemonium King.

Acolytes and Arsonists are %damage creatures, and you’ll probably end up using both to create an infinite-depth build at some point (a team which doesn’t use stats to defend or attack, basically). They never stop being useful.

Actually I’m there already, I just didn’t want to give away all the spoilers for people who don’t want to jump straight into that :wink:

I’m working on a turn-1 win team, but so far am only at turn-2 win 5/6, turn 3 1/6. Not sure if turn 1 is possible except vs. low HP enemies. Haven’t fought enemies with Itchy Finger and such though, I might run into some complications down the road. I’m just trying to fit in as many +rewards and such creatures that I can right now for max gains to get me some levels and Nethers!

Fair enough, fair enough. I haven’t found anything that kills turn one either - I have a build that can kill on the enemy’s first turn if he casts a spell, and second turn otherwise, but that’s as far as I get. Nether Demons would probably change that, but they’re very difficult to get.

You can kill an enemy team with the end of your third creature’s turn (assuming topaz attunement). The build has exactly one counter in Eternal Rest but you have room in the team to deal with it. I will not spoil all the abilities, only the obvious ones :wink:
Everythings Gone
Topaz Attunement

. . . oh. Duh.

gets it

I got them knives out a while ago :slight_smile: I still do have trouble dealing with Bone Reapers though, especially more than one. I haven’t made it past Arena level 80 yet… But I’m working on it!

Just bought the game on Steam, anyone know if you can you link an Android account and share saves?

I have a build for a promised turn one win. Takes a good bit of shuffling legondarys to get everything, but it was doing pretty good even with out the kill creature in my party. Sadly I just recent had my tablet factory recent on accident and all my data is gone. Yes it involves ravens and trolls. But until I get all my shtuff back I can’t post it works.

Zack’s nerfing the build in question sometime this week or the next, unfortunately.

That’s actually kind of nice to know, I like having an insta-win team (vs most enemies), but I wouldn’t mind having the abilities changed to not work so neatly together. Of course I’ll still try to run enough shenanigans to guarantee a quick win, but knowing that you can’t necessarily go infinite is kind of refreshing.

I’m still working on unlocking/acquiring all of the creatures, as well as getting some Nether Demons (just got my first Demon Dust drop!)

Related: Does anyone know how to tell if you’ve even summoned a Nether Demon? Does it display both abilities under one another? Does it say (Demon) instead of (Nether) or something? Or do you just play with your Nether creature enough that their second ability activates on its own?