Turbo toggle key usable in battle

I enjoy the new options for turbo and auto-scroll. Still, there are times in many battles where I want to speed through most of it, but stop to see certain things (like resources or when I’m identifying). Could you make a toggle key switch turbo and auto-scrolling on and off? Mobile versions may need a little icon.

It’s especially an issue a little later in the game with some teams that have so many effects go off, you kind of need turbo through most of it. But to have that fast enough, you’ll miss other messages you might want to see. Instead of trying to have options for every situation, I think an in-battle toggle would let people see the things they choose to see.

Suggestion: Hold SHIFT to turbo and auto-scroll.

I think the whole point of autoscrolling was to not have to keep a button pressed. :stuck_out_tongue: