Turns are way too long

I give an example and a solution in this video:

Put an option in that can be toggled on and off that will:

Sum all of the stat changes before rendering, then render each stat change total once instead of all small changes individually.

It wouldn’t make any sense to sum them up. What would happen with traits that activate when a creature gains/loses a stat then? That’s just not how battles work in this game.

The problem I see here is that you’re not even attempting to deal damage. Siralim has so many combinations of spells, traits, and other effects for you to play with that you really can’t blame the game if you opt to go down this route with your build.

Also, there’s an option to disable stat text completely. Just use that.

Well, no, my damage is not on creature #1, it is on creature #3
The strategy was to buff the stats and then unleash the aoe spell.

If I tried to do damage off the bat, it would hit for like 5/3000 points at this depth level.
I haven’t come across any other strategy with the creatures available to me that is this powerful. It may exist, but I am not seeing it with the creatures I have. So, of course, I as a player want to be able to use the strongest thing available to me.

Turning the text off does work though. Thanks for that!