Tutorial Boring

How long does this go on for?

I can run the entire first three dungeon levels, without going back, but it forces me to go back again and again and again.
I’ve got the blacksmith built (forced to go back again), and I’m just too bored to keep going.

Tutorials nearly always suck and they’re so often useless. Gimme a pdf page with highlights and let me play the game.
I don’t buy a banana split so I can chew the peels before getting out a spoon.

I’m not quite sure what you mean but there is nothing forcing you to continue running those same realm levels. What’s your current story quest? Did you defeat the first boss yet?

Okay, sorry, I guess there’s more than one complaint here.

We learn early on that coming back from the dungeon costs you some power level, but the game forces you to come back again and again within the first three levels. That’s something I don’t really want to do.

The second complaint, is that it still feels like tutorial down on floor 7. The basic enemies are so easy, that there’s no point in using or monitoring resources collected. I’m still building what should be basic strategy tools (blacksmith), and still talking to the two knights who teach me to start the game, about those tools. It feels very much like I’m still in the basic training area, and the game hasn’t begun yet. I still can’t breed anything, and there’s no challenge, beyond the puzzle bosses. When I sign up for a roguelike game, I’m expecting a lot more fiddling with strange and wonderful objects & battling for my life, and less being taught what a blacksmith does, or waiting to be allowed to build the breeding room.

I’ll honestly take a pass on the entire story, too. Get to the bottom level and defeat the boss is enough for any roguelike.

Nowhere on our website or Steam store page do we call Siralim 2 a roguelike. It’s not a roguelike.

Honestly, it sounds like this game simply isn’t for you. Your issues with it are exactly why other people love it - there’s a lot of content and it is fed to you at a brisk yet manageable pace. Any faster would be overwhelming, and any slower would be boring.

Oh, I guess Siralim 1 is marked as a roguelike.

Yeah, it’s too slow for me I guess. You mentioned it becomes more challenging somewhere in, and I’d like an option to start there, with the basic rooms and tools ready.

Steam won’t refund me the title though.

How far in does it become challenging?

It varies based on your class, team composition, and how familiar you are with this type of game, but I’m seeing plenty of complaints about the realm level 19 boss lately so that’s apparently pretty tough. The extremely hard stuff is unlocked after you beat the main story though.

Oh, the main story line ends too? Also awesome.
Not super excited about the boss being the challenging part though…

That’s kind of the problem. The game isn’t a challenge, the bosses just present like puzzles. You reach them and discover there’s a special trick to beating them, and have to go back and grind up a team specifically for them while slogging through hordes of boring enemies.
Maybe that’s not how it is. That’s how it’s presented itself so far, up until Andrick, which is too long a play time, to get a refund.

I’m sorry if this seems uncalled for or overly critical or harsh or whatever too. I know you work hard on this bad boy, and it’s certainly got a draw, but like you said, it’s not the game I thought it was, and maybe it’s not for me. I wish Steam would take it off my hands already.

Oh you can get steam to remove it from your account if you want but… you likely won’t get your cash back. For me as far as the bosses went I was able to beat them all with the same team but that was back in beta.

I did find Steam’s “Hide this game from me” option, and that seemed like a really really strange thing to bother programming into the browser.

Early in the game, the bosses are sort of like puzzles and everything else is easy to kill without trying. When you get deep though, that is by far no longer the case. You have to put together a well thought out team in order to win, and even then there are going to be things too difficult. The nice thing about Siralim 2 v Siralim 1 is there are now many MANY options for what that team could be. All teams have a few things that will beat them (by design) but there are many that work well. The fun is getting a team you like, with materials you have to work with.

There is some power balance lost when you go back to siralim, but it’s not THAT huge. It is 5% to go to the next realm, and free to go back to siralim + 15% to go back to realms from siralim. So you are only seeing a 10% loss, which can be as few as 2 battles to get back. If you are complaining that breeding is not available yet, it sounds like you will be going back into town with some regularity to do breeding anyways soon. Breeding gets unlocked after one of the early boss battles. I was a bit sad I couldn’t breed as soon as I started the game, but I just played for a little and it was unlocked quickly.

I did not feel like it was much of a “tutorial” at all. It was more of a storyline to give some direction if you are lost, and it added some flavor early on. The boss battles actually made me think about how to make a better team, which was then very helpful when I started going deeper. If any boss gives people trouble, you can overlevel yourself and it makes them easier.

I honestly feel like you really didn’t give the game much of a chance. It has bosses every 5 floors or so (even after the story is over it has them in nether realms.) The enemies get harder and you have to pay attention to your team more later. If you want the game to be harder, make a good team and blow through the easy stuff. It sort of needs to be easy in the beginning so people can get cores and materials to actually make a better team before it gets impossible to play.

As far as Steam goes, I don’t think it’s normal to get a refund on a game you played. You apparently didn’t know what the game was when you bought it, which is no one’s fault but your own. The reason Steam has a “hide” option is some people get batches of games from humble bundle and might not like some of them.