Tweak the duty for returning monsters to Siralim

As a beginner/low level player, I’ve gotten this duty twice and both times when I found one of the monsters that needed convincing to return, they proceeded to thoroughly destroy me in battle.
It seems they don’t scale downward to the level of the player and their creatures, or at least it didn’t seem that way. The last such monster I fought could 2-hit kill anyone (100+ damage per attack) in my party and took at most 12 damage from all of my attacks… I’d like to believe any duty you receive shouldn’t be outright impossible for you to deal with, though?!

The monster fought in that situation is a Nether, which are notorious for being very difficult for new players to deal with. They get easier as you grow stronger, though I still feel very early on even realm 1 Nethers are unbreakable walls of defense that deal one-hit kills multiple times over. They’ve been nerfed before, though I wonder at this point if on very early realm levels it would be better for it instead to be a monster with additional levels rather than a Nether creature. Mainly due to the ridiculous amount of Defense nethers have (it’s hard to deal more than the bare minimum of damage to them without your own nether or debuffing it before you have legendary materials)

Until then, try using attack spells or debuffs on the Nether so it’s not so powerful.

I recommend using a ticket whenever this duty comes up, if you have one. Generally what I always do, since this duty isn’t worth the hassle, even with higher level creatures.

Yeah, these duties are what bronze tickets are meant for when you’re lower leveled. Those rogue nethers pack a punch and unless you’ve got a solid team or some good spells, these guys will wreck you. They’re there to show you that nethers kick ass and that you should want one. Because they’re great. (If you build them well, that is)

What you are telling me is all fair and nice, but the average player is gonna be in the dark about all of this. What I would suggest is, if there isn’t such a type of duty already, change this to a boss-monster sort of duty, wherein an NPC near your spawn point tells you about the monster and suggests that you recruit wandering monsters in the realm if you feel outclassed.

The boss encounter should have a 100% flee rate so the player can back out after gauging the boss monster’s power, and these wandering monsters should be recruitable at a cost of pretty much all the exp and resources dropped by fights, so they don’t accidentally allow the player to powerlevel.

Mm, see, the problem were getting into here is coddling. This game isn’t meant to be cake. If you go out there with a team and get wrecked by that nether duty, looks like you just learned what bronze tickets are for on your own! If you fail to realize that you aren’t ready for the duty, that’s your challenge in the game, not a problem with the game. I like the raw consequences in this game; it brings it into a better place instead of ribbing your back and guiding you all the way through so that you don’t actually have to try. Trying makes the game fun, failing makes the game a challenge, overcoming the failure is what brings accomplishment.

This reminds me of the first bronze ticket I used. Encountered the not-enough-potions-bug. As this was quite early on it took some time to clear all the monsters and I was really frustrated for like 20 seconds, then I was like, “wait a minute, wasnt there an item in here…AHA!”

Exactly! Respwner sees what I’m saying.these are adversities that help new players learn how they can use the game’s resources.

You have a good point, but in your quest to write off coddling you made some weird assumptioms. I, for one, learned of bronze tickets in another realm after I failed this duty. It didn’t provide me with an opportunity to learn something, not even about the type of enemy I had faced; all it did was really lure me into something that was ostensibly a waste of time at that point in the game. If being challenged by the game is my problem, then it’s the game’s problem to ensure I don’t have a 0% chance of victory.

My tips to deal with early Nethers:

  1. Use effects that penetrate Defense. Nethers have massive base stats, so without a ton of buffs (and even with, later on), you will not do more than the bare minimum of damage. Status effects, spells, and ability damage will all help, as despite their huge attack and defense stats, Nethers don’t (at least to me) have particularly high HP totals.
  2. Debuff stats and status ailments. While I think there’s a chance for them to fail on Nethers, trying to lock it down with status effects or reduce its Attack/Defense can help a lot. I think Pit Worm Tunnelers are fairly early in the tiers and inflict a defense-rotting ailment, while Phase Spellblades inflict an attack-rotting ailment. There are spells that will neuter Nethers as well, though you may not have a large stock of scrolls yet.
  3. There’s only one of them and up to six of you. Barring certain abilities or them getting an artifact that gives them Splash, Thrust, or Cleave, they can only kill one of your cratures at a time, even if they do far more than their max HP. You may be able to win in a war of attrition, using abilities like the Iron Golem’s to buff yourself up until you’re able to crack their defense.

I do agree that Nether creatures are tough, and can seem insurmountable at first. (and honestly, I avoid that duty myself; without extra enemies around them, Nethers are almost more difficult alone due to how many on-death effects I use) There are strategies to deal with them, even early on, though.

It’s certainly not a 0% chance by any means. It took about three of these duties when I was new before I figured out early game strategies that could handle the nethers. Even with only three tiers unlocked, I was able. I’ll have to make a new game to see how I did it, but it wouldn’t mean much because the point was to get people to work harder in forming their team and working on synergy.

I’m all for challenges, and think games have been dumbed down too much. But, it really is a huge difficulty jump immediately if you get that task. I don’t think it would be unfair to have the unique creature not be a nether if the creature levels are below 10. Or, you could give a fairly obvious warning that you will probably die. It’s something that could scare off a few players from a good game if they die on level 1 from an overwhelming creature.

I would definitely see the practicality in somehow keeping the duty from happening until after the character reaches level 10 or 15. Give them time to get some ground and feel out the mechanics.