Two bugs i found.

  1. PC

  2. 0.9.1

Bug 1: If you’re fast enough, you can open a mimic chest before the fight by quickly hitting “E” so that the discovery of the mimic chest alert is quickly passed and you access the chest before the fight stars. Fight is unavoidable but if you accidentally do this the menu showing what you got from the chest is not there after the fight so you don’t know what you got. I’m assuming that the chest loot is still attained, but can’t be sure.

Bug 2: After i extracted a singular core from a “Timeless Master” all subsequent regular ones show core count at 1 which is probably showing the singular core. If it ever changes back i’ll be sure to post here, but so far in subsequent realms it’s still showing 1. I even trying extracting from a regular one after to see if it is based off of which one you extracted from last but still only showing 1. Reloading game, still showing 1.

Edit1: I forgot to ask if i should’ve made two seperate topics, one for each bug.

Edit2: Thank you for this amazing game! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information!