Two little things I noticed


I noticed two possible bugs.
Nr. 1 is just a minor thing.
For some reason, I have a green square in the upper left corner of every realm I visit.
It does not matter if I uncover the map at this point or not.

The second thing I noticed is a bit strange.
I remember a yellow/golden spirit with a beard from Siralim 3.
I just saw a golden sprite in the realm and thought “Oh wow, there is one of those spirits just randomly wandering around!” However, when I entered combat, the picture was a common, green spirit.
Now, I would have thought that I was just seeing things, but the little picture in the timeline was the same golden spirit I saw before.
And weren’t the green spirits called “Willow Spirit” in Siralim 3?
This ones were called “Ancient Spirit”, and while the picture was the normal green one, the description in the Bestiary seems more fitting for the old, bearded golden spirit.
So, yeah, I am confused.
Which one is it? Is there something odd, or am I just crazy?

The first problem is known, and I’m not sure if it will be solved in the next patch. The second one is a somewhat long story apparently, but just know that it is already known as well and will be fixed as creatures get their new sprites.

Oh wow, that was a quick answer. :smiley:
I am just trying to point out everything I notice. After all, that’s the point of Alpha and Beta Games.
However, I don’t have the time to look through all of the threads, so I am sorry if I report stuff that’s already known.

Does the green box thing definitely happen to you in every single realm? If so, would you mind sending me your save file so I can check it out? I’ve been trying to figure out why this is happening for almost a month now.

Your file is in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\SiralimUltimate\save and will be a file that ends in .sav. If you could send it to that would be great! Thanks!

Unfortunately, the green box is gone.
In case it helps - It appeared constantly in every realm, until I reached the Azure Dream.
At this point it disappeared, never to be seen again.
Curious as I am, I started a new game, but the green box never showed up.
Weird. Maybe I can somehow make the box appear again and help tracking down the cause for it.
I’ll keep an eye out for that little green bugger.