Two more suggestions: Sigil Dissolver + Sigil Salesman

Yes, it’s me again. :slight_smile: With two ideas I had while at work one day, both dealing with Sigils. They’re NPCs…as always, it’s up to Zack if he does anything with it, and, as always, the disclaimer(values shown may change at the dev’s discretion) is in effect. In addition, IF Zack does something with it, I’d be happy to write dialogue for both NPCs. Anyways, here goes.

“Oi, glad to see ya, mate! What can ol’ Sleyt do fer ya today?”

The first is the least involved, Sleyt the Dissolver. An NPC who can appear in realms once you’ve gained the ability to access Itherian Realms. Chat him up and he’ll move to your castle, standing opposite Ryzina, the Sigil Shaper. The service Sleyt provides is simple: he allows for the removal of certain traits from Sigils, or the ability to just straight-up dissolve Sigils for Power, which can then be used on other Sigils.

Appearance-wise, he’s a robed fellow, like the Noble Man skin, except he has brownish hair and he has large, woodlike shoulder panels, attached to which is a ‘tendrils’ cloak that envelops him on all sides but the front, which, from behind, makes him look like a large scrub brush.

“Ah, 'tis such a fortune to meet you once more. Please, peruse my wares…I do adore the trinkets, but I can only carry so many…”

A more ambitious one, featuring a new monster added to an existing family!

His full name is Surhat Thraus Rushta al-Midahs, and he’s an NPC that can appear in normal realms once one can access Iherian Realms. At his core, he’s a salesman who sells Sigils with only a single property, but he has a bit of a plotline to him.

He happens to be a travelling magus, searching for a place called the Forbidden Chamber. He’s been having strange dreams about it, and, as a scholar, is inclined to seek it out. Every meeting reveals more about Surhat himself, as well as the Chamber…until the sixth time, where the spot where Surhat would be is occupied by a portal, styled like Vertraag’s miniboss portals, except yellow.

This portal leads to the Forbidden Chamber, a dark, dusty ruin of a boss room with ancient books with yellow hardback covers scattered all over, the occasional tattered, yellow rug on the floor, a few yellow banners adorning the top wall and empty bookcases lining wherever the banners aren’t. The boss in question is the Pyrite King(see below), a named Occult Grimoire(also see below), leading a team of other, random Grimoires, including ones the player may not have seen yet. Defeating the Pyrite King causes the ancient evil suffusing this otherwise-ordinary tome to be absorbed by the Nether Orb, and the treasure chests to become accessable.

Surhat awaits near the exit, where he thanks you for saving him, and reveals more about himself and hands over a talisman, the Gilded Rotten Heart(also see below). From then on, he moves to Castle Nex, where he plies his trade. He still shows up in realms on occasion, though, where his prices are a little cheaper. In addition, the Pyrite King can be refought at the Nether Crucible.

Appearance-wise, Surhat stands out. He’s a robed, hooded mage whose robe is yellow, and whose hood does not reveal any glowing eyes. He accents his robes, though, with a silver chestplate with pauldrons, the chestplate inset with a round, red gem. Also on his head is a silver crown, like the sort some Wights wear.

And for the 'see below’s…

Name: Occult Grimoire
Trait: Ruinous Knowledge(Book of the Occultist)
Effect: When your Grimoires cast spells, they cast said spells as if they had 200% more INT, but take damage equal to 10% of their current HP in the process.
Appearance: A Grimoire with a bright yellow cover with black trim, and darkened pages, like parchment. The face upon the cover is similar to the well-known Scream face, with sad eyes and an open, downturned mouth, expressing woe.
Note: Can be extracted from when encountered in the Forbidden Chamber.

And the boss:

Name: The Pyrite King
Trait: Ancient Grudges(Fool’s Gold)
Effect: When an allied Grimoire dies, this monster casts one of its damaging spells, with no cost, as if it had 300% more INT.

And the talisman!

Name: Gilded Rotten Heart
Max. Level: 100
Effect: Grants a 0.50% chance of the Forbidden Chamber’s portal appearing in realms, though the boss leading it is a normal Occult Grimoire.
Super Effect: The chests in the Forbidden Chamber now provide more loot.

And another talisman, based on ideas suggested by forums poster Persona Non Grata(who is definitely grata in MY book!)

Name: Al-Midahs Signet Ring
Max. Level: 100
Where: Rare Forbidden Chamber loot.
Effect: Increases the odds of Surhat appearing in a realm by 0.50%.
Super Effect: Surhat now has a low chance of selling random Tomes, though they are appropriately expensive.

So, whatcha think?

It’s definitely interesting.

From a mechanics perspective, (I have 0 interest in any of the game’s lore and story, so you do you and don’t hold back. :D) I like the idea of a ‘sigil remover’ NPC. It adds a little more flavor to the game, instead of just doing what everyone else has been suggesting; add that feature to the current NPC.

On Surhat, some opinions: a 100% chance of special portals showing up in each realm may devalue them. I’m guessing 0.25%-0.5% chance per level to find one with that max level of 100. It adds a little aspect of challenge, and although they will still be fairly regular, they won’t flood inventories. :stuck_out_tongue:

also an option, instead of duplicating the portal, I have three ideas that will ‘lower supply’ and ‘raise demand’ for them; Of course, I’m very, very opinionated on what level 100 talisman abilities should be… even though I have 0 say! XD

  1. Occult Grimoire cores could be used or sacrificed to generate something else. Maybe give Surhat an option at this level that lets you pull some sort of a ‘Shady Dealer’ trade by giving him one of those cores as payment.
  2. Augment the drops from the chests and fight inside the Chamber. Maybe unique materials on occasion, maybe it always drops a special item (tomes actually make sense), whatever would make the most sense! This is partially in contrast to ‘lowering supply and upping demand’, but gives Surhat’s gimmick a more long-lasting effect.
  3. the chance Surhat appears in a realm is also boosted by this amount. Depending on what he peddles, this could still assist immensely, while making this a more long-term, non-niche benefit.

I think what this sort of reminded me of, was a ‘Zantai-esque’ mechanic, and that’s not bad! Bridging the gap between what you have already and the almost frustrating rarity of Zantai would make for a nice idea. :slight_smile: (disclaimer: Zantai is boring levels of effort. X( )

All very interresting ideas, Persona, and certainly worthy of being mentioned. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have my disclaimer, but in all honesty, I like some of the things you brought up, and have an idea for an edit!

EDIT: And edit made. :slight_smile:

'ey, no problem! Every good idea needs an extra set of eyes. :slight_smile: