Two observations - Resurrect and boss insta kill.

Unicorn vivifier resurrects based on lineup (not at random) i feel i should mention this because I’m not sure if this is intentional.

Bosses are not immune to instakill effects

Not sure if either is an issue but i felt it should be mentioned to clarify things. (because I’m always tempted to ask)

The Unicorn Vivifier’s ability (as well as a few other abilities that operate this way) works that way intentionally because it adds a strategic element when it comes to reordering your creatures (you might put your most valuable creatures toward the front to ensure that they have an overall higher lifespan).

I do agree that bosses not being immune to instant kill effects could be problematic. I think that a lot of the instant kill abilities (not so much spells) are a bit overpowered at the moment in general, so we’ll see how the game plays after they’re rebalanced a little.

Well i don’t think they are overpowered mostly, actually every time an enemy tries to use the Russian roulette spell one of their monsters gets shot.

The ability i have is at low health my monster will insta-kill but the monster who has it has been known to do 19 damage to other monsters anyway so it plays out as a defensive feature for me. (pit worm)

So he defends, hopes he doesn’t get killed by spells and starts to retaliate if most of the monsters get wiped out. Obviously only a valid approach for soft-core.