Two questions

I really like this game, but I’ve got 2 questions right now.
First one, I first bought the game on my Iphone 4S.
The last version of the game doesn’t seem to be release yet for the Iphone (with the Cloud system). We are stuck with the 2.1.1 right now.
Is the new version going to be updated soon ?

The second question is kind of linked to the first one and can occur others questions.
I bought a new phone, an Android phone, will the new cloud system enable the game on my new phone and I will be able to keep playing with my new one ? Or will I be stuck with my Iphone unless I buy the game again ?


The iOS update should be out any day now - Apple is just really slow about approving updates. Sorry!

When it’s released, you can easily play your old iOS save file on your new Android phone. However, you will have to buy the game on your Android phone since Android/iOS purchases are not cross-platform.

Ok, thanks for the quick answer.
It’s kind of sad for the double purchasing, but I could say that you deserve it for the great job.

Definitely worth it, had it on android after getting it on steam, and when I swapped the android for iPhone I got it on that, too.