Typos/errors for 0.11.5

Typos and errors I’ve found in creature lore, traits, and spells in 0.11.5. If I go through other sections and find anything I’ll add them to the thread.

Creature Lore

Amphisbaena Inspector

  • Some Amphisbaenas are highly insightfull… [insightful]

Brownie Trickster

  • They like entering dens of ill repute and hit drunkards on their feet to make them think it was someone else… [hitting drunkards, or, they like to enter]

Cave Cockatrice

  • …as no other creature devour as many eggs from these arachnids. [creature devours, or, creatures devour]

Diamond Paragon

  • Diamond Paragons are specially interested… [especially, unless this is a flavor choice]

Doom Devil

  • Once they shake its right hands, their fate is sealed. [right hand, unless I’m misunderstanding the creature art]

Dryad Raincaller

  • Dryads are linked to the oak from which they came from. [redundant from]

Dusk Ossein

  • This fact is also used as proof by those who beleive… [believe]

Emerald Carbuncle

  • …they approach children who are playing away from their parents and attracts them by levitating happily around them… [attract]

Industrias Sanctus

  • …or sleep-deprivation. [sleep deprivation.]

Lich Hellcaster

  • The process seems stoke this creature’s flames. [seems to stoke]

Lugubrious Shambler

  • …trying to hunt one down due a “mistake” of one of his boatswains. [due to a]


  • Meraxis’ss realm… [Meraxis’s]

Nature Shapeshifter

  • …prefer to transform into trees and plans to feel in harmony with nature. [trees and plants]

Necrotic Clutcher

  • The Necrotic Clutcher tears the garments of its victims with its fingernails, then grab their bare wrists or ankles. [then grabs]

Quamar Tremor

  • This creature throws this sand at is enemies’ eyes… [at its enemies’ eyes]

Siege Automaton

  • …that allows them to jump very high if the aim their cannons at the ground. [if they aim]

Sphinx Justicar

  • Sphinx Justicars sacrifice their eyes to obtain visions of the future and intervene when they deemed it necessary. [deem it necessary]

Subversive Voidlord

  • [Lore text doesn’t fit in window]


  • Vertaag’s advice… [Vertraag’s advice]


  • [Lore text doesn’t fit in window]

Terror Wight

  • When they die, it plunges its blade into their lifeless bodies to absorb their soul… [bodies/souls, or body/soul]

Thunderwound Angel

  • Beams of electricity traverse the Thunderwound Angel’s body continously. [continuously]

Toxdweller Mutant

  • Mikhail was one of the agents tasked with ensuring this civilization did not resurface, and also eliminate all vestiges of their knowledge about nuclear energy. [also eliminating]

Transient Spectre

  • The curse from which most Spectres come from… [redundant from]

Troll King

  • The skeleton they carry is used to intimidate their opponents, and letting other Trolls know who that mean-looking guy in front of them is. [and let(s) other Trolls know]

Unguided Psychic

  • …such as the corpse of ant being dragged by other ants into an anthill… [corpse of an ant]

Unguided Sadist

  • …the only way to stop an Unguided from killing indiscrimately… [indiscriminately]


  • …when that power falls in the wrong hands. [falls into]

Wildfire Efreet

  • unless the he agreed to take a nice bath in the lava of the Great Pandemonium. [unless he agreed]

Wisp Seer

  • Wisps Seers are the most mysterious of their kind… [Wisp Seers]

Creature Traits

Dryad Warden/Duplication/Warden Dew

  • …this creatures’s buffs. [creature’s]

Gorgon Sorceress/Eternal Jinx/Sorceress Snake

  • Enemies’ Stone debuffs last forever In addition… [missing period before In addition]

No Creature/Roll the Dice/Die Fragments

  • …it Casts one if its Ethereal Spell Gems. [one of its]

Runic Grimoire/Book of the Warlock/Runic Parchment

  • Your creatures start battles with Arcane [missing period]

Villous Wolpertinger/Echoing Incantation/Villous Carrot

  • This creatures’s… [creature’s]

Whitestar Gemling/Distribution/Whitestar Shard

  • …your creatures share a copy of their their first Spell Gems… [duplicate their]



  • Target’s stats (other than Health are averaged. [missing parenthesis]


  • Enemies’ Attack or Intelligence (whichever is highest) is set to their minimum values. [is set to its minimum value, or, are set to the(ir) minimum values, but the mixing doesn’t read correctly]

Productive Belch

  • Target takes a small amount of damage and afflicts the target with Disarmed. […and is afflicted with Disarmed, to match all other instances.]
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Thank you for taking the time to do all of this! I’ll have it all corrected in the next update.

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No problem. Here’s a few more:


Claymore of Judgment/Final Act of Judgment

  • The damage cannot exceed 25% of each creatures’ Current Health. [each creature’s]

Djinn Evoker/Mega Bomb/Evoker Lamp

  • Ethereal Spell Gem… [has no icon in front of the term Ethereal Spell Gem like other instances do]

Lost Vulpes/Lagopus/Lost Ear

  • …chance to be Cast… [Cast is not highlighted in green like other instances are]

Master of Constructs/Sigil of the Construct

  • Your Constructs’ Arsenal Spell spells are… [Arsenal Spells are, or replace the redundant spells with Gems]

Master of Smogs/Sigil of the Smog

  • …the potency of this debuff is increased by 50% For each… [unnecessarily capitalized for]

Mite Plaguespreader/Villainy Thrives/Plaguespreader Goo

  • The potency of the enemies’ Poisoned and Burning debuffs are shared… [potency/is shared, or, potencies/are shared reads more naturally here. See: Pyromancer’s Hot Streak perk]

Phobos Banshee/Tempest/Phobos Doll

  • Your creatures’ single target spells… [single-target]

Pills/Furness’ Instability

  • …Booze Spell spells. [redundant spells; Booze Spells or change bold to Gems]

Rockmoss Gemling/Obelisk/Rockmoss Shard

  • Ethereal Spell Gems. [has no icon in front of the term Ethereal Spell Gems like other instances do]

Scheming Stance/Scheming Shield

  • After this creature Defends 3 enemies… [comma needed after Defends]

Shadow Heart/Childhood’s End

  • The potency of the enemies’ Bomb debuffs are shared with each other… [potency/is shared, or, potencies/are shared reads more naturally here]

Unchained Djinn/Ley Lines/Unchained Lamp

  • Ethereal Spell Gems. [has no icon in front of the term Ethereal Spell Gems like other instances do]

Specialization Descriptions


  • …to better-serve each of the 21 gods of Rodia. [unnecessary hyphen, better serve]



  • Doubles the potency of these effects [missing period]

Codex > Reference Lists > Realm Properties

End of Turn: Cast

  • Enemies cast… [Cast is not capitalized like the other three End of Turn command keywords are in their descriptions]

More Spell Slots: x

  • Your creatures deal less damage with attacks. [incorrect description]

Codex > Game Information > Creatures

Item Sets

  • …that creature’s currently-equipped items to an Item Set. [currently equipped; adverbs ending in -ly don’t get hyphenated in this way]

Codex > Game Information > Guilds and False Gods

Loid Prime

  • [text doesn’t fit in window]

Codex > Game Information > Nether Bosses


  • Tier 2 and Tier 3: …the potency of the enemies’ Poisoned and Burning debuffs increase by 50%. [potency/increases, or, potencies/increase reads more naturally here]

Codex > Game Information > Realms

Realm Properties

  • …that might better-suit your party composition. [unnecessary hyphen, better suit]

Nether Realms

  • …a portal that takes you to a randomly-selected location… [randomly selected]



  • Wild Magic - Your creatures gain 5 (+1 per rank) Ethereal Spell Gem that belongs to their class. [Spell Gem(s) that belong(s), because of the changing number]


  • Hallucination - When your creatures reduce each others’ stats… [each other’s]


  • Ancestry - …your creatures gain 2 (+1 per rank) random trait that belong… [random trait(s) that belong(s)]

  • Companion - You can have 3 (+1 per rank) additional creature in your group… [additional creature(s)]


  • Supercharged - Your creatures’ spells have 1 (+1 per rank) additional Charges. [Charge(s) because of rank 1]


  • Army of Gods - You can have 1 additional Avatar creatures in your party. [creature(s), because of rank 1]

  • Nirvana - …your Avatars gain 1 (+1 per rank) random Ultimate Spell Gems. [Spell Gem(s), because of rank 1)

  • Prophecy - …chance to cast their respective Avatar’s respective Ultimate Spell spell. [redundant respective, redundant spell that can either be removed or changed to Gem]

  • Transcendence - …Ultimate Spell spell. [redundant spell that can either be removed or changed to Gem]

  • Ultima - …Ultimate Spell Gems have 1 (+1 per rank) additional Charges. [Charge(s) because of rank 1)


  • Angry Orchard - …for each of your Herblings’ Tiers. [Herbling’s]


  • Living Flame - Instead of taking damage from this debuff, they are healed by it instead. [redundant instead]


  • Attunement - …for each Chaos, Sorcery, Death, or Nature Infusions you have. [Infusion]


  • Harbinger - Your creatures’ Spell Gems with any “Cast On…” property has a 5% (+1% per rank) greater chance to activate… [have]
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Nice, got them all fixed! Thanks again!

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