Ultimate Singulars

Have you given any more thought as to Singulars being in the game? I liked the idea of a race of Singulars verses the random. Even a set of 6, with a 7th available as a special boss once you collected the six. Note, this should take tons of grinding and luck to achieve. I would like to see them as little shiny glowing mini gods combinations, what a breeding of certain gods could give us. I hate to lose Singulars completely and that would be a fun way to keep them.

I still don’t have any plans to bring back Singulars like they were in Siralim 3. They’ve been replaced by Creature Skins instead. Sometimes, you’ll find an enemy that is equipped with a skin that changes its appearance, and if you defeat it, you’ll unlock that skin so you can use it yourself.

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But does the creature sparkle when it appears with a special skin. That’s what I want to know lol.

There will probably be some kind of indicator that lets you know it’s a skin.