ultimate turbo mode

I’ve talked about this elsewhere in the forum, but I guess this is the right place for this:

I would love a mode where the game just calculates everything that happens after you make a choice in battle, determines the total net HP gain/loss for each mob, and displays it in a single number. Those animations are fun to watch for a while, but in Siralim 2 I got to a point where I had to hold down E for more than TWENTY MINUTES before I even got a turn, and it is starting to get out of hand in Siralim 3 as well.

-saves a ton of time (I love myself a good Chaos Magic show, but it gets both less interesting and longer over time)
-results in giant numbers, which are cool to see and might be interesting to know (you could go through History with a calculator, but…)
-really brings out the best aspect of turn-based strategy: you can spend as much (or as little!!) time as you want on each decision

-it is recommended for advanced players only, so it definitely shouldn’t be the default and maybe even be gated in some fashion
-it isn’t in the game yet, so somebody has to do the work to implement it :stuck_out_tongue:

make it unlock after beating lv 100 itherian realm or in ng +
if its even possible to code.
so far we have to choose parties thats doesnt do anything in auto-mode if we want under a minute battles.

I’d prefer if such a central part of the game wasn’t so mindnumbingly boring that I agree with this suggestion :frowning:

I disagree with this unlocking only later on since battles are mindless e-holding starting at around realm lvl 3-4 with the right spell gem drop.

at low level its situational + we assume you dont know half of mechanics.
at high levels its symphomatic + you still can get 50-100% party wipes pre-combat. or on 1st (your) turn in combat enemies surprisingly take a turn (all of em, despite being lowest in queve), once you cast some stuff. and your stuff is not resolved before all foes take a turn and apply damage. idk if its a trait what is it. but its certainly broken. happends with pandemonium king 1/100, now with some other mobs far beyond 1/1000