Unable to get latest version on IOS


As I was enjoying my daily subway life in Siralim on my Iphone, I realized it says that my version is 2.0.13 and that the latest version is 2.0.15. And browsing around either the inside game or the app store I wasn’t able to find how to update it.
Maybe it is due to the fact of my phone being too old to get the latest update ? Or maybe it is because I am required to do somethings that I aren’t aware.
So far I have not find any evidence of what I am suppose to do. I hope, I didn’t miss any thread or answer relating to that question.
Sincerely yours

Apple is infamous on the boards because it takes over a week to approve updates these days and pass them on - the average is about 12 days. It sucks hard, but there’s no way to force the update out before the AppStore lets it through.

Pardon for bumping this thread, but I’m also on iOS and I’ve been getting this game crashing bug really often. I’m wondering if it’s the “rare” crash related to luck mentioned in the changelog for 2.0.15.

If it’s already been fixed, then I’ll wait for the update on the app store ^^

This should be fixed whenever the update arrives for you :slight_smile: