Unable to purchase App in Playstore (Belgium)

Hey there. Been looking forward to trying Ultimate on my smartphone in order to kill time at work, however I can’t seem to download the app even after following some troubleshooting advice (clear cache, good ol reboot, etc)

Looking for it in the playstore means it won’t appear at all, entering the appstore page via external links on the other hand lead to the correct page but I am unable to download the app.
The message I get doesn’t specify why I can’t download the app - simply “This item isn’t available”.

My phone meets the requirements - Android 10, Redmi Note 8 Pro. Siralim 3 ran like a charm.

I live in Belgium, and I feel like the issue might be due to a law against lootboxes in videogames. Siralim doesn’t have lootboxes / gambling, but on the storepage the game is marked as “PEGI18 - Simulated gambling”. Is it possible that the game is blocked in Belgium due to this tag?

Can any other Belgian users confirm this, and is there anything we can do about this, if it is the case?

Or maybe I’m just grasping at straws for reasons as to why this game does not wanna work on my phone.

Please see this topic for what’s going on with this situation: Siralim Ultimate not listed in Playstore for me - #4 by Spacehamster

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Ah fantastic. I swear this country is such a massive pain in the butt about the most random stuff. Can’t form a federal government for almost 2 years but finds the time to ban games for online gambling when they don’t even feature gambling in the first place. And evidently don’t properly communicate with devs to then resolve the misunderstanding.

That said this is extremely bizarre because the game is available on Steam, where I can get it without issue. The same anti gambling laws apply there and are the reason why Lost Ark for example is currently unavailable (In Belgium and the Netherlands).
If you happen to feel like it I would bring it up with the authorities, since this ruling is very inconsistent.

Regardless, that’s that I guess. Thanks for the answer, none of this is your fault but man it’s frustrating. Gonna have to look into VPN stuff… which will be a doublepain cause it’s a paid app.

Thanks for the answer, though, couldn’t ask for quicker support. I got it on Steam at least.

And nevermind, problem solved. Google Play required advanced age certification in the form of my id card because this game ( for some reason? ) is 18+. Nothing to do with our gambling laws.
Sorry for the bother Zach.