Unbreakable bug

Evolving from Siralim 2 this trait should only provide 90% reduction of damage. IT still provides healing too which it shouldnt. At least on monsters - met those a few times (artifact on em, healing was popped up as unbreakable)

Tbh i also would suggest massively reducing damage reduction or at least make it so when unbreakable applies to incoming damage, no other sources of damage reduction should work for that damage. Since i can think of at least a few combos of traits/cards/autobuffs that with conjunction with unbreakable will make you unkillable

EDIT: Also it does work on a nether creature, i suppose thats a part of an issue when nether creature is not considered classless for purpose of scourge spells/entering sigils/ now thats - it can be a subject of unbreakable