Understanding Combat and Stats

Why does my Brim Smith (Lvl 243, Att 4206, Spd 1098) consistently out perform my Nether Cinder Devil (Lvl 100, Att 9258, Spd 282)? Is it their level difference? If so then I see no advantage to Nether combat unit. I heard speed contributes maybe 25% but still Cinder is ahead significantly

Level doesn’t matter.

The Brim Smith has a Trait that (I believe) Triples the Attack value of his artifact during combat. (This bonus only applies when he is directly attacking an enemy, so it doesn’t show up on the character sheet.)

If you tell me what the Attack value is on the Brim Smith’s artifact, that could help to explain the difference. (You seem to be far enough along in the game that you could have an Artifact with well over 1000 Attack on your Brim Smith)

So without the artifact the att is 1855, artifact is 2355, total 4206. If it ability does not show up, then add 2355 x 3 or new grand total of 8920, seems that the cinder devil would still have the edge and I see it usually get 25-50% less.