Undesirable health aura behavior?

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Not a crash.

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Using health boosts in conjunction with Health Aura appears to trigger resharing of the aura. The effect becomes apparent when moving the nether creature to a different party position.

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Android 5.1.1 Galaxy Tab 4

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Battle never begins.
Mimics will always crash the game.
My neather is heath aura.
And never had this crash before using him.
I removed ruby paragon from my party and still get the crash.

That bug is related to Singularity, Anomaly, and Diabolic Link in v1.1.1. If you’re using any those at higher hp levels, you’ll hit this issue. And it’ll still happen when the enemies have these traits sometimes, too.

If i was to guess since ita a issue with a string perhaps they never implemented a T for trillions.
This bug makes the game unplayable where im at.