Unguided Entity + Sadistic Pleasure and other abilities.

Do these abilities work together?

Unguided Entity (Creature Ability, Unguided Amaranth): Creature always deals damage equal to 40% of the target’s Current Health.

Sadistic Pleasure (Perk, Chaos Mage): Each rank causes your creatures to deal additional damage equal to 0.5% (12.5 max) of their target’s Maximum Health. (Zack clarified this; the damage is not applied separately as a separate value after the attack, rather it is rolled into the attack’s damage and displayed as a single value: attack damage + sadistic pleasure damage.)

So, assuming a Chaos Mage attacked with an Unguided Amaranth, would the damage output equal 40% of the target’s current health plus 12.5% of the target’s maximum health, or would the Amaranth’s ability override the Sadistic pleasure perk and only deal damage equal to 40% of the target’s current health?

Also, say for instance Unguided Entity was combined with Mortar Combat. Would the damage calculation be 40% of the target’s health multiplied by 0.4-0.6, then applied to each enemy? This combination would be pretty good in major sigil battles, as the nethers have significantly higher health than the rest of the enemy team.

I can answer the second question: No, Mortar Combat does not work with Unguided Entity. The Mortar damage (to all creatures) is based on the attack stat while the attacked target takes 40% health damage.