Unguided Feedback

I felt the first time playing that it perhaps needed to be buffed, but not this much. It kept using Good Fortune (Ultimate) over and over, which revives and fully heals it’s entire team and gives them every buff. And all spells cost 0 mana on this fight too. And Ascension was being activated probably over 10 times between one of Unguided’s turns and the next. Toward the end of the battle, with the endless amount of traits it had, I had zero idea what was going on, every creature’s turn lasted a very long time, and everything did about 1-3 damage to it.

I won by using Verdant Spheres, which uses 1-3 of the target’s spells to use “Eviscerate” agaisnt it, which somehow did over 3000 damage to it, 1000x higher than anything I was doing with even my strongest.

I feel like this is a bit too much for a Realm 31 boss…

Adding a check to ensure this can’t happen in the next patch.

If you were still going to read this, it also seems like it might of been weighted so it did happen. I faced him 3 times, every time he had the Good Fortune spell.