Unicorn Holycaster Not Activating

Version 0.1.11 - Windows/Steam

Started a new game with a Cleric Specialization

The Unicorn Holycaster trait is not activating.
In multiple fights, the Unicorn attacks, deals damage, and the combat log does not show the Unicorn’s heal activating.

Hmm … Right after posting this, I had a fight where the Unicorn Holycaster Activated. I can’t figure out what causes it to activate …

Oh, maybe I am misunderstanding how it works. Does it pick a random ally and then produce nothing in the combat log if the ally happens to have Full health? (Maybe if I have 4 Injured Allies and 2 Full health Ally there is a 1 in 3 chance that it silently does nothing without putting anything in the combat log?) … That is my only guess as to what is happening

Your guess is correct! I’ll make a note to try to make things like this appear in the history log to avoid confusion.