Unlocking monsters from power spells and other questions

Hi, I recently discovered this game and… it’s really great! Good job!

Anyway, I have some questions:

  1. I experimented with power spells and obtained some particles. I created a monster this way (the cosmic giant), but this meant that I could now encounter him in enemy parties. Now I have particles for other interesting monsters but I’m actually scared of unlocking them for the enemy, since they have some nasty abilities… (like the shogun, with 20% chance of instakill)
    Is there something I should know about this? Are there monsters I shouldn’t unlock because they could make my life much worse? :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. I also found particles to unlock the Mite Interloper. He can steal the enemy’s artifact. Does this mean that if I encounter him he can actually destroy my equipped artifacts?

  3. After constructing the More Creatures 2 Upgrade my life has gotten much more difficult! Some of the new enemies tend to be a problem for me and I’m encountering them even in the first levels of the realms. Is there something I could do to have more chances to survive? Should I stop constructing the More Creatures upgrade until I make some good nether creature? Also, a question for the devs: wouldn’t be better if the new more annoying creatures only appeared after a certain number of realm levels?

  4. I hate the Mouth of Hell! :stuck_out_tongue:
    Using a spell is the only way to kill him without him wiping out my party or is there another way?

Thank you for your time!

Hey! Welcome to the forums.

  1. I don’t really have any good tips to give you here since it all boils down to personal preference and strategy, and whether or not you think your team can handle certain enemies.

  2. Nope, its ability has no effect on your creatures. It would be far too frustrating if that was the case.

  3. All of the creatures were created to be relatively equal to each other. The first set of creatures you encounter aren’t necessarily more powerful than any others you’ll unlock later on - they’re just different and lend themselves to different strategies. Essentially, they’re there to make the game more fun and diverse. If you’re having trouble, try to find better artifacts or consider using different spells or creature combinations.

  4. You need to be careful against this creature because the damage it deals to your creatures is multiplied by the amount of damage it took to land the killing blow on it. Aside from using a spell, you might consider using one of your creatures with a low attack value to finish it off. When it says the enemy is “mortally wounded”, that means it’s almost dead so you shouldn’t hit it with anything really strong at that point.

Thank you for the fast answer!!
After unlocking more creatures I actually found it easier to survive than before!
The enemy diversity is really cool :smiley:

And now… another question!

I’ve never found another nether orb or arena pass after those they give you during the quests.
What’s the best way to find them? The chances get better the deeper you go in the realms or there’s an optimal floor?
Does power balance count if you’re looking for those things?

The chance increases as you go into deeper floors. Power Balance is also a huge factor, so try to keep it as close to maximum (200%) as possible.