[unrealistic] user designed fights / realms

once you’ve set up one of the 20+ overpowered/gamebreaking team combos, the game loses all challenge -only because enemy teams are randomized, and they’ll be lucky to have two traits that benefit each other - but what if, mario maker style, players could design smart & difficult challenges that require more adaption than ‘start of battle casts deal infinite damage to debuffed enemy team, haven’t seen round 2 of a battle since realm 50’?

yea the game isnt too hard once you get a good setup of traits, there are a few wacky combos that kill me occasionally ( maybe 0.5% of the time). I have tried to work around them as best I can to not die, but there are some traits that truly give me a hard time.

I do like how hard some of the gods are , for instance the one with breath of life and having to have 2 of the creatures dead at the same time to ‘kill’ them.

apart from Lister, I’ve not even notice the gods abilities because they all die with start of battle casts like everyone else, kind of underwhelming

yeah, if S2 was still being updated I’d suggest removing cast-at-start from the pool of possible properties for damaging spells.