Unstopable Force

The combination of Cradle of the Grave and Outrage abilities causes for some interesting behavior. Cradle of the Grave will always revive the character when it dies, then places it to the top of the action queue with 1 hp. Outrage will give the creature berserk which will make it damage itself by a % of how hard it hits, ontop of doubling the damage that it deals. What happens is as long as it can land the damage it will be able to attack forever. This strategy works on 95% of the enemies in the game. The last 5% can be dealt with by having other creatures augment it. Notable counter that I’ve found is dodge, shell and interrupt attack, shell is kind of a one time thing and so far I haven’t found a creature that has shell up before it attacks, interrupt attack is found on a single enemy and is a 25% chance. That leaves dodge being the only notable counter, so it does sort of keep it in check with being able to single handedly win the arena. I would have to do more testing with it to see how useable it is by putting Cradle of the Grave on a Lich Priest since it takes 10% of its own health during its attack.

If some sort of fix is in order then making Cradle of the Grave a 50% chance to be at the top of the queue would be a good step in my opinion. However since it requires a legendary artifact maybe it could be justified.

Interesting combination! I think this needs to be fixed since I can see how it would trivialize most encounters. I think the most elegant solution would be to prevent Berserk recoil damage from killing the creature - worst case scenario, it should drop it to 1 health.

Good catch, I didn’t think of that one.

I am not sure it would be useful at higher levels, because it would take too long!

It is very useful right now if you make the berserk fiend a nether creature with nothing but attack, enemies would love to target it because it was a low health creature which was a trap, most enemies even at floor 25 would get 1 shotted. Level 47 and it has 3747 attack, which is enough break through just about ANYTHING.

That would be a good fix but make sure you also apply the same fix to the lich priest’s ability.

Now, if the enemy monsters had the same creature with the same artifact ability, and the two started whacking at each other in an infinite loop, that would be annoying!

It would, but currently, enemies can’t spawn with legendary properties on their artifacts :slight_smile:

Thankfully that is the case, however that revive does not function if it is the last mob to die, so its very possible to wipe even if you put the revive on every single of your creatures. One time use revive goes off just fine when its the last creature standing.

But to put it simply, if enemies had random artifact abilities…well, lets just say as a test I loaded up an artifact with 41 legendary abilities, it is “normally” impossible to do so, but the game didn’t have issues with that many on a single critter. If enemy artifacts could generate with the abilities then the player could acquire them quicker, and might even be created with more then one on it.