Update on Steam DRM and New Compiler

Two major, GameMaker-related issues have annoyed us recently: one is that, for no apparent reason, GameMaker started baking Steam DRM into games created with this engine. The other issue is that the so-called “new compiler” that we tried to use a few weeks ago caused lots of crashes for no apparent reason, forcing me to go back to the older, slower one. I have recently received an update on both of these issues, and figured many of you would be interested in hearing about them.

Let’s start with Steam DRM. The short and easy answer is that this will be fixed soon. Today, a closed beta version of GameMaker was released (one that I don’t have access to, naturally) which removes the need for you to be logged in to Steam to play Siralim 3. While I don’t have any idea when I’ll have access to this update, at least I can confidently say that this problem will be resolved soon enough.

The next issue relates to the new compiler. For those who aren’t aware, we’re currently using a compiler that produces a pretty slow game. Most people will never notice that it’s slow unless you have several thousand creatures and items, but Siralim 3 is marketed as an “infinite” game and therefore you should be able to walk around with 10,000 creatures if you really want to. I have the option to use a better compiler which makes the game’s performance absolutely flawless - no loading times when generating realms, and everything runs more smoothly. The problem is that this faster compiler produced a lot of crashes without any error messages, which made it almost impossible for me to track them down… and I don’t think they’re anything I can fix anyway. Therefore, I had to switch back to the old one until these issues were resolved on GameMaker’s end.

In short, a lot of issues with the new compiler are being fixed very soon. On top of that, they’re improving GameMaker’s debugging tools for this compiler, so I’ll be able to track down issues more easily and accurately than before. With that said, we should be able to move back to the faster compiler soon enough!

That sounds good. I hope they get things together so you can use the new compiler soon!

Keep up the good work!