So, dumb question: if I’m not playing the iOS / Android versions of the game, which update automatically (eventually), how do I update to the new version? When I go back to the Bundle key page it’s still trying to give me 2.0.7.

Yeah it’s also still showing version 2.0.2 on iOS which is strange cause it’s being said the update has been out couple hours ago.

Humble Bundle sometimes takes a day or two to upload the new build. Once Siralim is on Steam, updates will be instant and automatic for Windows and Mac.

Enzo, the Apple store takes almost a week to approve updates and send them out. I don’t even think the 2.0.6 update is out for iOS Siralim, much less the 2.0.9 build.

Thanks for the heads-up, Zack.

Zack has said 2.0.6 has been out on IOS earlier today. It takes normally 7 days but its kinda the 31st today and it was released march 18th. Apple is just slow lol. Zack says it showed up on the Ipad but not Iphone yet for some reason. I wanna go kick an apple now ;D

I know 2.0.9 won’t be out for IOS for probably week and half still. But hey 2.0.6 is a huge improvement over 2.0.2. I just gotta kill anything that gains time warp before they use it haha