Using Sigils effectively

Does anyone have tips on how to use Sigils efficiently? Or is there another use for your low level Sigils? I have a backlog of 20 or so lvl < 10 Sigils that won’t give me rewards when used. I have the smarter eggs and Scholarly Stable perks, which make it almost impossible for me to breed a new set of low level creatures for these Sigils. Is there something I can do with these later in the game? It would be nice if there was a ritual I could do which upgraded a Sigil to a higher level. For example a ritual that takes a level 4 Sigil and turns it into a Sigil the same level as you.

Anyway, enjoying the hell out of this game. Way to keep working on hotfixes over the long weekend!

I’ve got a few posts on this, as well. I strongly dislike the Sigil system. It’s a large inventory clutter, and I haven’t found a strong reason to keep them or use them.
I feel the Sigil system just doesn’t work well with all the systems in the game.

The only way I’ve found to even remotely use them is to breed your entire team at once.
The only way to accomplish this is to save up some Faeries.

The entire sigil system is just non-intuitive.

I actually like the sigil system in that it incentivizes me to summon new, lower level creatures and try out different parties/strategies. I agree it can be time consuming to develop a party to the proper level to confront them, though, especially since they’re challenging fights. I can always breed that party into a few creatures later on to bolster my gene stats.

I don’t have my perks quite up to where my newer creatures are starting at higher levels like you do, though.

I didn’t use any Sigil yet, and i don’t see the point yet, it seems i have already enough to do, enough (too much ?) to fight against.