Usual stuff, - v 0.61 game freezes on entering sigil,

while at first it generated no save file (thought id lose slot1.sav again), now it actually shown there. Not sure what caused the realm to load for 3 minutes (last few times that was connected with some creature unlock/appearance issues). After that game succeeded to load sigil, but lags prob at 0.2 fps slow-mo, can you please have a look, maybe something interesting in the file? im just afraid something might be corrupted idk

Also i experience itherian creatures in normal realms regualarry and no breeding recipes drop for me, while im totally not sure i have em all.

The current save file actually is now being played at 0.2 fps since sigil is quite unique (rare properties). still if it needs to be ditched or repaired would be awesome to know. ITs like 3rd time in that playthough something like that happends.

Thanks for the save file! Looks like it’s a problem with sigils that have the “Inhabited by X Race” properties. I found the problem so I’ll release a patch soon.

thanks, did you download a file 2 times or someone hijacked it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I only downloaded it once. If you want to keep it private, you could e-mail it to me at zack@thylacinestudios in the future if you want!

thanks/ hope whoever did it will loose interest in progressing very soon, i dont think using other ppl’s saves differs from cheating with setting values via hex or memory editor much :P. in the future i will send files privately.

No, that was me.

why did you do it? :stuck_out_tongue:

First, see the bug for myself.

Second, see your team build once I saw it was a Chaos mage at a high level.

A provoke based build isn’t one I had considered.

I’m looking for an attack based build, to complement the Chaos mage starter.
Although, there are a couple provoke perks in the Chaos mage that I overlooked.

oh im ok with it as long as you wont share/play it. basically im too, not too happy with this build. provoke just makes it disable proof (stun/sleep/freeze). And makes it possible to extract / do action. IT just grown by itself from wanting to have a spell-tap creature as a supplementary nether (for more slots) - didnt need a nether by the time at all. eventually it just evolved.