Valkrie Scout infinite loops

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When Vicious Wolpertinger attacked. He used confuse all on 2 Valkrie Scouts, making them attack each other.
Thus proc my dragon scout abilities making them atk=0 and infinite loops occured.

  1. What operating system are you playing the game on? Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, or Playstation? If it’s Playstation, please also state your region (NA or EU).
    Windows 10

  2. What game version are you playing? You can find the version number on the title screen in the lower left corner.
    V 1.0.2

  3. Any other details to help us solve the problem, such as what you were doing when the bug/crash occurred, or any hints on how we can reproduce it.
    Simply attack with Vicious wolpertinger or cast confuse all spell on two Valkrie Scouts with Dragon Scout on your team.